Football Pocket Manager

Game Description:

FootballPocket Manager is a football manager simulation , which allows you to start of your career as a football manager in a fun and engaging way. Choose a team from 4 different countries and start from the bottom of Division 4. Upgrade your players, your stadium, make transfers and contracts and manage a whole soccer team on your own. So, are you ready for an experience of a lifetime?


  • Easy to start: Go through an extensive tutorial to get a kick-start of how to manage your own team.
  • Team Managment: Manage your team’s tactics, formation, training sessions, transfers and player contracts.
  • Offline Game: Play offline and find out if you have what it takes to lead a team.
  • Stadium: Upgrade your stadium to make it more enhancive.
  • League: Choose from 4 different leagues and start your career with your favorite team.
  • Game Simulation: Complex simulation
  • Regular Updates: The best thing is that we’ll update our game regularly by adding new features, more football leagues and more countries to play with!