New free football manager for Android and iOS

Free Football Manager – Welcome to the official site of Football Pocket manager. After 1 year of development I was finally able to release it in June. The game is mainly orientated by the old classic games. Comparing to the modern versions of football manager games, this one is easy to use, can be played offline, and is not dependent on in app purchases. (In app purchases are possible but not required for the completion of the game)

Offline playable Fussball Manager

Main focus is that the game is available offline. Most of the online manager games nowadays are only online available and require every day usage of app. With Fussball Pocket Manger there is no time frame or limit, you can play as many sessions as you want and bring your favorite team to the top of football history.

No money trap

Another important point is that there is no money trap. Every player can decide if he wants to unlock the free full version for a fair small payment, and get additional features (editor, ad free and further). In App purchases would not be necessary with the full version. For the inpatient of you there is a way of making virtual money.

Easy to learn football manager

The modern versions of football manager games are usually overloaded. With the Football Pocket Manager the fun of playing the game comes first, so learning how to get fast into the game, instead of completing a whole study in order to learn how to use the functions. An intro into the game explains the player the most important functions.

More information on the game

More information and downloadable versions you can find here: Football Pocket Manager

Insights in development

Get insights on the game development:  Development diary

You like the game?

Get to know more about how you can support the game. More information you can find here: Support Football Pocket Manager