In Development #2 – January Update and Commentary Editor

Welcome, to my second entry in the development diary. In my previous entry, I already gave you an insight and information on what I am currently working on.

In today’s article, I want to show you on what features and updates you can count on in January, as well when they are going to be released.

New features and content in update 1.8

New countries – Currently there is only 4 countries available to choose from. This is going to change in January and at least two new countries are going to be added.

New News Articles – The new version will contain new articles. Articles on winning the Championship and Trophy will be included. Want to see your own articles in the game? Send me your own templates of articles you want to see and I will be glad to include them.

Extension of the simulation – The Simulation in the new update is going to be improved. New text and further initiatives are going to be added and improved, including penalty, free kick and corner kicks. A new extension is the calculation of Assists, as of now the game does not save this kind of data.

Information’s on player performance – The game will now provide information on how your player is performing.

Editor’s data export – An option will be given to export editor’s data on the pocket-manager Server. It will be an on demand option for now. I intend to make an exchange of User data on an intern function over pocket manager on the long run. (Member system)

Export of scores – With a new function, players will be able to export their scores.

New language Polish and revised English version – The game will be extended in Polish language, and the English version is completely revised. When is the new Update 1.8 going to be released? The January update is going to be released this Sunday for Android and with a little delay later on for iOS. End of January there will be another update.

What else?

In order to modify the game further, there will be own Editors programmed. Besides the normal Data you can then go ahead and add your own Articles or Comments and add them into the game. The Comments Editor is going to launch first and I will present its first version here on the platform tomorrow